Hello and welcome to the website!

Canine Hoopers has been one of the fastest growing activities for dogs in the UK. Why? Because it’s fun for dog and owner all across the board! In fact Hoopers was created to lend itself to the dog travelling at its own natural speed.

Hooperholics UK, or HUK, as we like to be known, got started to provide a simple message:
Give it a Go!

Whether you are looking for a little brain training to do in the back garden, or for outside competition, HUK can help!

On here, find out about

  • Our comprehensive hooper training format,

  • Approved Instructors,

  • workshops and training events, including calendar

  • competitions,

  • holding a show

  • Points progress league with record books,

  • online options for training,

  • A multi level Progress scheme called Hooperlevels open to all.

So come on in - join the Hooperholics from near and far!

Hooperlevels level 6. Follow the line

Here is an example of Hooperholics Hooperlevels achievement. It takes time and practice, but you can see how the dog just loves his flowing movement.

HUK have Instructors who can help you with this. Just look them up in the Huk Instructor list.

Or you can subscribe to Hooperholics Hooperlevels Facebook training group for £4 a month

Or, you can enrol as a student to become a Hooperlevels Instructor and Assessor yourself!